• Venture Latinx Coalition

    A Community of Organizations Growing the Latinx Startup Ecosystem

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    In 2022, Inicio Ventures worked with Google for Startups to design a "Summit" and ongoing collaboration that would bring together organizations focused on increasing the participation and success of the Latinx startup ecosystem. While there had been a growing momentum, our startup community was fragmented across geographies, roles, approaches, resources and history. Our initial goal was to bridge these relationships and identify ways to better work across organizations. In the Summer of 2022, we hosted the first Summit in Miami with 35 leaders from across the US that represented Latinx funders, founders and field builders. As an achievement of the inagural convening, we collectively identified six critical areas to work on together over the next year: 1). Developing a GP Community of Practice, 2) Amplifying Latinx Founders, 3) Supporting Pre-Founders, 4) Scaling Latinx Angel Pipelines, 5) Coordinating Latinx Pitches, 6) Creating an Open Source Latinx Registry. Since then, the Coalition has continued to connect and has successfully implemented several projects aligned to the six action areas. The second Summit will take place April 19-20, 2023 in Miami Beach with continued support from Google for Startups and in coordination with one of our Coalition partners, eMerge Americas.


    If you are interested in attending a Summit and joining the Venture Latinx Coalition, please email info@inicio.ventures.