Michelle Addison

Michelle Addison

CEO & Founder, Allergood

www.allergood.com | HealthTech, RestaurantTech, FoodTech

Duke University - Fuqua School of Business

Heritage: Cuban-American
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“Restaurants and consumers win with these interactive menus focused on distinct dietary needs.”

Allergood has created an interactive menu experience that surpasses any existing restaurant menu and, as a byproduct, provides its corporate customers with valuable consumer data to guide their menu design, menu optimization, and product development.To access Allergood’s interactive menus, guests scan a QR code and create their dietary profiles. Then, anytime they scan a QR code at an Allergood partner restaurant, Allergood remembers their preferences and shows them only what they can eat. Allergood will initially focus on B2B sales to large restaurant and hotel chains, with plans to expand into other industries over time. Using Allergood’s key insights, restaurants will be empowered to create products and design menus that truly reflect the needs of their consumers, gaining a true competitive advantage.

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Michelle is a corporate attorney turned entrepreneur who has used her MBA program as a way to fast track the growth of her startup, Allergood. She was a food allergy blogger and Facebook group leader for almost a decade, has three kids with food allergies, and her and her husband have both developed adult-onset food allergies. While almost 50% of Americans are either avoiding a top-12 allergen or following a special diet like vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, Keto, or Paleo, it’s really difficult to make food choices when dining out. Knowing that allergens have been required to be declared on menus in Europe since 2014, Michelle feels strongly that technology needs to catch up in the US, even if it's not yet legally mandated. Michelle has created Allergood so that eating outside the home becomes more accessible and equitable for anyone with food allergies or specific dietary needs.