Mateo Delaguila

Mateo Delaguila

Founder & CEO, Locol | E-Commerce/ Marketplace

The University of Texas at Austin

Heritage: El Salvador & Guatemala
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Startup Summary

“Locol minimizes the cost of freelance work for small businesses and maximizes the profit for prospective student employees.”

Locol is an innovative freelance marketplace that will meet the needs of an under-addressed sector of the market: connecting working students to small businesses. Locol hopes to minimize the cost of freelance work for small businesses and maximize the profit for prospective student employees. Through an easy-to-use digital platform,  we’ll effectively streamline the hiring process by tailoring to the needs of both groups and taking a locally organized approach to connect those in their community together.

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Mateo Delaguila is a proud first-generation college graduate, raised in a single-parent household by an immigrant mother. While his childhood was filled with painful and disappointing experiences, he never lost hope of what his life could be. Over time Mateo has learned that his resiliency was a superpower, one that has shaped how he shows up as a founder. The journey of creating his own company has not been easy by any means, but he takes pride in his strong work ethic and ability to face these challenges head-on. It led him to become the only student founder at the prestigious Bank of America Breakthrough Lab and to be selected for the Blackstone Launchpad Fellowship. These opportunities have opened the door for experiences with other founders and mentors to learn how to grow and scale his business. He recently shared, “as entrepreneurs, our biggest strength is our support for one another in our ventures. While things may sometimes feel uncertain as we pursue our businesses and dreams, that uncertainty is what fuels our growth into something greater.”