Larissa Gurjão

Larissa Gurjão

CEO, SIB-Impact | Video Games

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business

Heritage: Brazil
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Startup Summary

“Interactive video game for companies to raise awareness of socio-environmental problems and to develop solutions for themselves and stakeholders.”

SIB (Sustainable Innovation Business) Impact was designed to bring about a change in culture regarding the development of new solutions to solve socio-environmental problems. It is a collaborative game between the participants representing government, startup, company, university, investor, community, doctor and NGO that must join forces looking for solutions that already exist in the world. It centers the sustainable development goals that are distributed in the main cities, represented on the board by a world map. A solutions platform is also being developed using our ideation phase methodology to have a bank of developing solutions.

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For over 12 years, Larissa worked with organization processes at a big economic business group. Following that experience, she decided to transition to help companies become sustainable and profitable, while making strategic positive impacts on the world and in their business. She pursued an MBA in Social Innovation Management in Nairobi, Kenya and went on to consult with companies looking to execute their environmental, social, and governance goals. Larissa then went on to launch SIB (Sustainable Innovation Business) Impact. It started off as a board game that was used to educate organizations on how they could create innovative solutions to solve the world's biggest challenges and incorporate them into their business's strategies. After a year and a half of planning, the digital version will finally launch on December 12th!