Josefina Correa Gutierrez

Josefina Correa Gutierrez

Co-Founder/CSR, dGo-on | SaaS

Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Heritage: Chile
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Unique SaaS voting platform for organizations as ballot secrecy is unhackable and voters gain the needed trust by self-verifying their counted ballot.

Based on an internationally patented technology, dGo-on delivers transparency, all while ensuring ballot secrecy and accurate count. Organizations subscribe to a self-serve web platform to manage polls, and voters register into a free mobile app using their personal device. The solution is unique in that ballot secrecy is unhackable, as the identity of the voter is never associated to the ballot, and voters, after results have been published, can verify that their actual ballot was correctly counted. Additionally, all ballots become available for public scrutiny.

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At a young age, Josefina, considered herself a third-culture child that had the privilege of experiencing a variety of cultures and realities. She quickly learned the value of considering a range of perspectives and being strategic in her approach to new environments. Those formative years refined her ability to lead and challenged her to develop the skills to communicate and collaborate effectively. It especially helped her bring together a team whose skills push each other to learn from a place of curiosity to grow the business. This has been fundamental to reach important milestones and plan her next steps.