Harmony Prado

Harmony Prado

Founder, Harmony’s Room

www.harmonysroom.com | Digital Healthcare/Wellness

Cornell University - Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management

Heritage: Mexican-American
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Startup Summary

“Harmony’s Room (TheraMe) is a digital safe space for BIPOC students that provides preventative and diagnostic care to middle and high school students while equipping schools with the resources to track student mental health.”

The mission of Harmony’s Room (TheraMe) is to champion optimal mental healthcare for students by providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive space with accessible resources. Initially, Harmony’s Room was created for teen girls of color, but is currently expanding to be inclusive of all students with an emphasis on BIPOC students. For mental health professionals who want to grow their patient list and educational institutions that struggle to provide effective and preventative mental health support to students, Harmony’s Room is a multi-sided, digital health platform that connects students to mental health resources and professionals. With their SAAS model, therapists can create digital socio-emotional modules to interact directly with students as an incentive to boost clientele and gain visibility. By providing schools with access to resources and by providing therapists with customized marketing solutions, Harmony’s Room reduces touchpoints to book an appointment and eliminates unnecessary costs to promote coordinated high-value care.

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Harmony Prado is a junior studying Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University with a concentration in Business Analytics. Growing up in an at risk community in San Diego, California catalyzed her entrepreneurial and social justice orientation. After experiencing sexual assault and bullying, she ideated her startup, Harmony's Room, at 16 years old as a safe space for girls of color to find emotional support and access to mental health education. Since then, she has won 1st place in three startup competitions and pitched to live/virtual audiences of over 800+ people, including 600+ educators and administrators about the importance of mental health, and has been featured on NBC for her mental health advocacy.