Gabriel Cepeda

Gabriel Cepeda

CEO, Pickups Technologies, Inc. | Urban Logistics

Kean University

Heritage: Dominican-American
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“Fulfilment and Delivery By Everyone.”

Pickups reimagines the ways in which we use our spaces. It started small - as a neighborhood-based solution to eliminate stolen packages by connecting neighbors with each other. The New York Times featured Pickups, asking “90,000 packages a day go missing, is help on the way?” That was out of 1.5 million daily deliveries, and a year later that data has shown nearly 2.6 million daily deliveries with e-commerce related traffic losses of $400 million a year. Pickups is changing things by building the supply chain powered By Everyone. A community of people with extra space and time at home to help retailers and carriers to optimally warehouse their inventory and consolidate deliveries — all without the use of a single store or warehouse. Pickups works with people, their spaces, and their desire to earn an income to create the world’s most geographically diverse and robust fulfillment and delivery network.

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In college Gabriel launched a successful nightlife and concert production company that created experiences for about 30,000 people in 6 cities across the east coast. But he quickly realized that while this might have helped pay for tuition and help support his family, he absolutely hated being in a nightclub four days out of the week. That’s when he took a step back to focus his efforts into things he actually enjoyed – creating ideas and trying to solve problems. That brought him to reflect on his grandmother. She came to this country from the Dominican Republic in the 80’s and was part of an economic movement of the time called, “The Tupperware Era,” where people, primarily immigrants, put food on their tables by serving as affiliate marketers for retail brands before the term was even invented. For people like his grandmother, the art of a sale was part of family traditions that transcended borders. His mother would tell stories of their apartment being filled with packages floor to ceiling and it inspired his curiosity into how people, their spaces, and their connection to their community could play a role in solving some of the challenges that cities face. Hence, why we have Pickups and its community of last-mile package guardians today.