• Generation 1:  Equity Fund


    Higher Impact through Financial Returns

    Our initial fund is backed by philanthropist who believe supporting and investing in talented Latinx founders is an effective way to help bridge the wealth gap for the Latinx community. We designed the Generation Fund to be an evergreen model in order to create an outsized impact return through the perpetual cycle of investing into the equity of startups and redistributing the financial returns to continue investments and creating impact.


    We believe the Latinx founder pool is deep and wide, but has been overlooked/under-discovered because they are often not in traditional venture pipelines or networks. To address this, our Generation Fund is both agnostic to region or sector. Through our network, programs and activities, we are building a discovery method that helps find these talented founders across the US in both undervalued regions and traditional ecoystems.

    Founder-First Mindset

    We put founders at the center of our sourcing and portfolio support activities. Mindful that in many cases they do not have a support network and are often first time entrepreneurs, our focus is to be their advocates and advisors in an authentic and personal way.